At GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturing is vital to our operations. Our Mississauga, Ontario plant produces more than 75 different products and our Quebec City and Laval, Quebec facilities develop and produce innovative vaccines for Canadians and people around the world.


  • GlaxoSmithKline maintains three manufacturing facilities that produce innovative medicines and vaccines.

  • GSK's Mississauga site is a manufacturing and development facility, located adjacent to the company's headquarters; and

  • GSK has manufacturing facilities in Quebec City and Laval, Quebec, which produce the company's seasonal influenza vaccine and its candidate pre-pandemic H5N1 vaccine using an egg-based manufacturing process.

  • The Mississauga facility produces more than 75 different products and 40 million units annually. Approximately 80 per cent of the production is exported to more than 100 markets worldwide.


  • In 2007, the manufacturing facility produced and shipped approximately $1.5 billion worth of products, representing approximately 25 per cent of total pharmaceutical shipments produced in Canada.  

  • GSK's state-of-the-art technical centre in Mississauga combines product development and manufacturing in the same building, and is capable of taking a drug from early development through clinical trials to full manufacturing.

  • Mississauga is currently working on a number of new product mandates with global Pharmaceutical Development.

  • Over the next five years, GSK Canada will invest in the Mississauga facility to upgrade its advanced manufacturing capacity and position the site to fulfill its mission to be the global supplier of choice for small to medium volume, difficult-to-produce, GSK medicines.


  • In addition to its mandates for North American supply, the Mississauga facility also has exclusive worldwide mandates for the manufacture and supply of Mepron® suspension, for the treatment of pneumonia common in AIDS patients, and Malarone® tablets, for the treatment and prevention of malaria.

  • It is also the single global production site for a number of GSK oral liquid products, including Retrovir® syrup for HIV/AIDS and Zofran® oral solutions for nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A new liquids packaging line, installed in the Mississauga facility in 2002, is among the most innovative systems of its type in the world.



  • Quality is at the heart of GSK - from the discovery of the molecule, through product development, manufacture, supply and sale. The Canadian operation has implemented the GSK Quality Management System - a global set of policies and guidelines that defines the way in which GSK ensures quality and compliance in its operations.


  • The technical centre in Mississauga has established a world-class record of on-time delivery to customers around the world and in Canada.

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