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September 29, 2015

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Why GSK?

At GSK, we put your leadership skills to work in a way that maximizes your full potential as a person.

Research & Development

GlaxoSmithKline is one of the largest research and development (R&D) investors in the industry, collaborating with academic institutions, governments and other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help people live healthier lives.

Globally, the company spends 6.5 billion every year on R&D.

GSK’s commitment to operating with transparency in Canada

As a proud member of Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D), GSK is committed to operating with transparency and to building trust in Canada. We believe in the value of building strong, effective stakeholder relationships and have undertaken several initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to transparency.


Our Products




The following industry website provides consolidated tracking
of drug shortage information in Canada.

A global leader in dermatology

Stiefel, a GSK company, is a world-leading specialist dermatology business with the innovative products that are highly regarded for quality and effectiveness and have the respect and trust of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Stiefel, a GSK company, has access to some of the best R&D capabilities in the world, allowing for the advancement of their dermatology pipeline and delivery technologies at an even greater speed and the ability to bring even more novel therapies to market.

ViiV Healthcare

100% focused on HIV - Patient Centric - Committed to innovation

Established by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, ViiV Healthcare is a specialist HIV company with a sustainable commitment to delivering advanced treatment and care, and improving access to medicines for people living with HIV worldwide.

Medical Education Support Program

We are committed to investing in independent medical education that will truly make a difference. Through our Educational Grants we support healthcare professionals, so they can better care for Canadians.
Find out if our program is right for you.